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2018 Soccer Camps

Chicago Fire Juniors City recommends the following summer camp programs for all players of varied ages. Please click on the individual camp links and contact the respective organizations for further information.

Chicago Fire SITC Summer Camps

Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire launched the first-of-its-kind Soccer In The Community program in April 2014.
SITC is the community outreach initiative of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. The sole aim of SITC is to engage with youth organizations in the Midwest to develop their programming and build lifelong fans of the Club.
Separated from the Academy and Fire Juniors, SITC provides year-round, professional programs in partnership with local soccer organizations and players.


The emphasis of the Loyola Youth Soccer camp will be on fun skills development to improve each player's confidence, creativity, and comfort level with the ball; but will also work on basic tactical movements with the more advanced players. We will scrimmage every day in both small groups to encourage more touches on the ball; as well as large groups, to enhance understanding of movement without the ball. By the end of the week all campers will leave with a greater understanding of the fundamentals of passing, dribbling, shooting and receiving balls. Demonstrations will include current Loyola University Men's and Women's team members.

In addition, players who are interested in goalkeeping or currently play goalie will have a special time and program each day. Goalies will learn basic techniques in body mechanics, body shape, balance, footwork, handling, shot stopping and distribution through feet and hands. Instructors will be current and past goalkeepers that are experts in their position and will incorporate fun games to improve the player's confidence as a goalie.

Sean Phillips UIC Soccer Camps

From Coach Sean Phillips...It is my belief that to enjoy the game and “get to their next level,” players need to be trained in all facets of the game, the most important being individual technique. Improved technical ability with the ball allows players to react faster to the constantly changing situations in the game of soccer resulting in better decisions and more success on an individual and team level. Training sessions are designed to teach individual techniques, skill and tactics through creative and motivating activities that will increase a player’s passion for the game.