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2021 Summer Training Options

Chicago Fire Juniors City recommends the following summer camp programs for all players of varied ages. Please click on the individual camp links and contact the respective organizations for further information.

Sean Phillips UIC Soccer Camps

From Coach Sean Phillips...It is my belief that to enjoy the game and “get to their next level,” players need to be trained in all facets of the game, the most important being individual technique. Improved technical ability with the ball allows players to react faster to the constantly changing situations in the game of soccer resulting in better decisions and more success on an individual and team level. Training sessions are designed to teach individual techniques, skill and tactics through creative and motivating activities that will increase a player’s passion for the game.

Chicago Fire FITC Summer Camps

Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire launched the first-of-its-kind Football  In The Community program in April 2014.
FITC is the community outreach initiative of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. The sole aim of FITC is to engage with youth organizations in the Midwest to develop their programming and build lifelong fans of the Club.
Separated from the Academy and Fire Juniors, FITC provides year-round, professional programs in partnership with local soccer organizations and players.
Contact- Sara Reilly for more info


Summer Team Training Program- $650/ $700 for non-club members
June 14th-August 6th  
2013-2002  Girls and Boys teams

Teams will train 2x a week, Mon/ Wed or Tues/ Thursday 4:00-5:30pm or 5:30-7pm

Our coaching directors have created an 8 week curriculum for each age group, focused on developing each player through holistic training and applying the Chicago Fire Player Pathway.  

Each week coaches will follow a theme set by CFJ City Technical Directors.  

Depending on registrations, summer rosters may vary from in-season.   

Summer I League will be a consideration for teams with high player commitment and level appropriate rosters.  Games will be played each weekend in Oak Brook on some of the nicest grass fields in Illinois. Registration subject to ADOC approval.

If you have any questions please reach out to your respective ADOC.

Register todayWelcome | CFJC Summer Training | Fire Youth Programs (

Friday Specialized Training- $300/ $350 non-members
June 18th-August 6th
Individuals born 2013-2002

Every Friday- Strikers/ Ball Mastery/ SAQ/ Goalkeepers (see flyer for times)

Strikers: Learn to be a dangerous striker in the final third!

  • Striking the ball from a distance
    • Shooting with both feet
    • Shooting with different techniques

  • Combination play in the final third
    • First touch passing
    • Moving off the ball

  • Taking players on in 1v1’s 
    • New moves and skills
    • Changing speed to beat the defender

  • Crossing and finishing
    • Making runs in the box
    • Dangerous crosses away from the keeper

Goalkeeper: Specialized training for the modern goalkeeper!

  • Shot-stopping
    • Coming out on 1v1’s
    • Where to be on short and long-distance shots

  • Crossing 
    • How to come out on crosses
    • Techniques for punching and catching the ball out of the air

  • Distribution
    • Playing to feet out of pressure
    • Knowing when to play long or when to play to feet

  • Communication
    • Talking to teammates on when to step up and when to drop
    • Being Confident in coming out for the ball 

Ball Mastery: Get a thousand touches on the ball every training!

  • Opposite Foot
    • Working your non-dominant foot
    • Getting more touches and technique down

  • Turning
    • Using both inside and outside to turn 
    • Change of speed and beating the defender

  • First and second touch passing
    • ​​​​​​​Receiving with pressure 
    • Passing and receiving 

  • Dribbling
    • ​​​​​​​Learning to take players on with speed
    • Dribbling with high pressure

S.A.Q.: Speed, Agility, Quickness

  • Develop motor abilities and control of body movement
    • ​​​​​​​Improve your ability to perform explosive multi- directional movements
  • Speed
    • ​​​​​​​Move in one direction as fast as possible
  • Agility
    • Learn to accelerate,decelerate, stabilize and quickly change directions with proper posture
  • Quickness
    • ​​​​​​​Improve your reaction time and change body positions

This program will have limited availability.  If you are interested, please register today:

Registration link-  Welcome | CFJC Summer Training | Fire Youth Programs (